Season 2 Episode 1

Guess who’s back in the haunt?

It’s wonderful to be back, and to welcome you to That Horrible Woman S2E1.  Thank you all for the support you showed in season 1.  You are the reason I step out of the crypt every night in search of dreadful tales to delight and frighten you.

We start off this season with an excerpt from Nicholas Forristal’s novel Dominatius.  Born in the 80s during the age of the Oregon Trail, Nicholas remembers the days before the internet, when the world was young and herds of dial-up BBS roamed the digital landscape in peace. Nicholas went on to college at Kansas State University and studied psychology. It was here, at the pinnacle of his lowly existence, that he met his future wife. After that, life became dull and work-centric, as adulthood typically does. So now he writes to fight back the madness, while his son plays with imaginary friends. Follow him on Facebook and on twitter @NForristal

William Marchese is our second author tonight.  William works “the day job” in lower Manhattan, foraging free time to kick start his writing career. He has been published in Hindered Souls Anthology, Deadman’s Tome, Unnerving Magazine issue 3, Trickster’s Treats anthology and Aphotic Realm issue 3. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

You can follow him on Twitter here: @Wcmarchese
Follow his website at

Thank you Nick for the fantastic story (the book is great!).  You’ll be hearing more about “Dom” this season.  A big thank you as well to William Marchese – it was a pleasure to narrate your story, my friend.

Time to be off and on my way.  I hope you enjoyed tonight’s offerings.  Want to help? Tell your friends and spread the word, I and all the fantastic authors would definitely appreciate it.  Leaving your positive feedback on iTunes, etc, will aid in growing the fear and spreading the word to other horror afficionados like you!

With much love from my cold black heart,


A Call to Writers – Got Horror?

Hello!  We’re fast approaching the end of Season 1 (more successful than we’d dreamed) and are putting out a call to all you frightful writers of horror and dark fiction (published and as yet to be published).  If interested in having your work featured in Season 2, we’d love to connect with you.  Please feel free to send an inquiry to:

Thanks so much! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


That Horrible Woman S1E11

Hello and welcome back! It’s been awhile and I’ve got some wonderful new stories to tell you tonight.  We will be venturing into the realm between reality and dreams and the frightful darkness that hides in plain sight. Because seeing is believing, whether in view or in thought.  There are four sojourns into the dark, bookended by tales of scarecrows.  Shall we begin?  Yes, let’s!

Starting off this evening’s stories is Philip W. Kleaver.  Philip lives with his cat in Baltimore, Maryland, where he works as an educator. He is a too-competitive player of gin rummy and an avid collector of horror and science fiction paperbacks (preferably the musty, yellowing kind). He lets his writing do the talking and I’m sure you’ll understand why in his story “Gallybagger”.

Our second story comes from Dedra L. Stevenson. Ms. Stevenson is an American author living in the United Arab Emirates. She’s written 8 books to this date, in a variety of genres. Her first 3 books are a trilogy called The Hakima’s Tle, about a young Arab American girl who learns that she must deend the human world against the impending attack of the Blue Jinni and his army who wish to destroy humanity and take over the planet. Her latest book is The Skinwalker: Resurrection, about a deceased Navajo witch that tries to return to the world of the living by taking the life of a young woman that finds her book of spells. Horror, in particular, is the most enjoyable to write because Ms. Stevenson reports one can say many things through a monster’s voice that can’t be said in her own and that is liberating.  Her lovely dark contribution tonight is titled “The Girl in the Desert”.

Kyla Ross is a horror, thriller, and dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan. She posts suspense and horror flash fiction on her blog biweekly at and is the author of a collection of gruesome suspenseful short stories titled A Trinity of Wicked Tales Volume One: Jilted Love. Her first erotic thriller novel, When We Swing, will be released in Summer 2017. Kyla brings us a disturbing tale called “Her”.

The final story of the evening is by J.A. Crook. He as been on the show before chilling our bones with a story set in Alaska. He is an American independent horror and literary fiction author from the Southwest. An exceptionally talented writer of modern Southern Gothic. This glimpse into the darkness is from his short story collection, Amid the Recesses, here is “Chasing Crows”.

Many thanks to our authors, Philip W. Kleaver, Dedra Stevenson, Kyla Ross and J.A. Crook for graciously sharing their art with all of us.  Much respect to you all!

Along with thanks to our authors, I’d like to thank you our fiendish listeners and friends.  I am grateful for you all and will continue bringing you the frightful and disturbing for your twisted listening pleasure.

Additional music in this episode is from FMA: Free Music Archive

Harsanyi Laszlo “Only the Crows Listen” CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Podington Bear “Floating in Space” CC BY-NC 3.0

Thank you for your company, it’s frightfully good to have friends like you! I’ll be back soon darklings.


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That Horrible Woman S1E10

Welcome back dear fiends! This is Season 1 Episode 10.  Tonight’s featured author is Mark Slade.  Mark has a knack for writing stories with an interesting twist.  He’s been published in anthologies by Horrified Press along with two of his books.  His book Electric Funeral was published by Sundry Press.

I’m happy to present two of Mark’s stories this evening.  In each it appears there is a common theme – desire.  After all, it’s part of the human experience.  Who hasn’t thought about, wished, or been taught to want to improve themselves?  Whether through education, work, practice, rehearsal, endlessly plugging away at your goals and dreams – we all understand it.  Here’s a question for you to think about – what if you could bypass all that effort? Would you do it? What price would you be willing to pay?   In the first story “Giving Up the Ghost” we find out one possible answer.

Mark’s second tale “Prayer Mask” takes the question further.  Once the goal has been attained (regardless of the means – moral or immoral) what would you be capable of doing if you were the target of another and had it taken from you, not once but multiple times, for the sake of your goals and perhaps for payback?  Listen and find out.

Thank you Mark for your marvelous and creepy contributions in this evening’s episode!

And as always, a big thank you to all of you, the listeners! To know you’re out there and listening means so much to me – you dear fiends are immensely appreciated by me!

Time to take my leave of you for now, I’ll be back with some fresh scares soon!

Good night and sweet screams,


That Horrible Woman S1E9

Hello, all! This is the fourth and final episode celebrating Women in Horror Month. Even though the time has passed – we have entered Women in History Month, and horrible women (ahem!) make history that much more, scary.

Tonight we bring back the Author Yani for another story from her Tales from the Beyond collection. She’s an Amazon best-selling author of five 5-star novels.  Her “A Thug’s Redemption” series, landed her a well-deserved spot in the top 20 of African-American Fiction-Urban Life category. I’m very pleased to present this tale, titled “Revenge of the Necromancer”.  This urban horror story takes on the challenges of modern teens: bullying, feeling and being different, self-worth, the maturation process, and zombies.

Horrible hugs and many thanks to you Yani for such an awesome story!  I hope to see more of Lydia in the future.

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Many thanks for listening darklings, you are everything to me, so until the next time,

Monstrous love + sweet screams….Rhys


That Horrible Woman S1E8

Welcome to the third episode celebrating Women in Horror Month. Yes, we’re late getting this to everyone but fortunately, that will not be stopping me. February is a short month but hurrah, March is Women’s History Month and so I will proceed.

This week’s author is Andrea Van Scoyoc aka the Bohemian Celt. She is a most accomplished creator, wonderfully zen and dark – quite the combo. From tonight’s book bio, she is a force of nature. Hails as one of the most talented, yet twisted female authors in history, she has carved (more like devastated) a path through genres most often dominated by men. She is also a multiple-time best seller and award winner. She writes, has her own YouTube show: From Zen to Zombies, is a filmmaker and spins as DJ Mistress Macabre. Wow, huh?

Her book Whispers – Short and Sadistic Stories for the Dark at Heart is our feature this evening.

Many thanks Andy for sharing your talent with us all. You are an amazing storyteller, my friend.

If you want to know more about Andy follow her on twitter @bohemiancelt

Thank you all for listening and please know how welcome and appreciated you are to me.

Until next time dear fiends, sweet screams – Rhys


That Horrible Woman S1E7

Hello everyone, nice to have you back again, and for anyone listening for the first time welcome! Tonight’s episode is the second in our celebration of Women in Horror Month. The featured author for this episode is Liz Kain. Liz writes horror, splatter punk and Southern Gothic fiction. She is a lover of all things dark, particularly horror and psychological thrillers . When she isn’t writing or parenting, she can be found hiding and eating corn chips with Wisconsin cheddar cheese. Her story this evening is titled Fried Chicken.

Thank you Liz, for the wonderful story. We’d love to hear more from you in the future!

To everyone listening a huge thank you! I look forward to presenting more horribly wonderful stories to you all



That Horrible Woman S1E6

It’s Women in Horror Month 8 and I’ll be sharing some of my favorite stories about women and written by female authors this month.  An ode to mystical mavens, fearsome females and wicked women all month long – oh the delicious horror of it all!

We begin with a story from Healwelt, “Head to Toe”; followed by a tale from Marla S, “The Mayor of Rat City”; next, Kim Mercury brings us “A Thankless Job”; and our final entry is by Dee Hill, “Rats”.

Celebrate WiHM here and everywhere you can. We are the artists, writers, filmmakers, workers, creators, makers, dreamers, doers.  We come in all shapes, sizes, shades and ages and we are everywhere. We adore horror and we love you, horror fans!

Thank you all so much for listening.  I appreciate your spending your time with me.




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Spinmeister featuring DJ Vadim –

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That Horrible Woman S1E5

Greetings dear ghouls, today I have a very special episode for you all – a bonus of sorts.  A single story by Hildred Rex titled “But the Cat Came Back”.  This comes from his collection –  The Chicken (or Three Weird Tales) which was included in the Audience Choice for the Best Books of 2016 – NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook. His bio from his author’s page, “Hildred Rex writes dark fiction.  He currently lives and works at an undisclosed location in the Greater Los Angeles area.”

This is ‘deliciously’ dark and humorous and a bit over an hour (I didn’t wish to break it into 2 episodes). Many thanks, Hildred!

Also, it’s Women in Horror Month 8 and we’ll be celebrating by featuring some frightening women authors and stories that feature women all month long (starting very soon)!

Thank you all for listening, I so appreciate you all!

As always, sweet screams,



Opening song for the story by Kevin MacLeod –


That Horrible Woman S1E4

A new year has come and we’re back (after a break) with two new stories. This evening’s first bit of microfiction is by Daniel S. Liuzzi. The title of his worrisome little tale is “The Clock Struck Twelve”.  He let me know the word count was 666, very clever of you to create a story fitting that length Daniel!

Our second is by the Author Yani.  She’s an Amazon best-selling author of five 5-star novels of five 5 star novels.  Her “A Thug’s Redemption” series, landed her in the top 20 of African-American Fiction-Urban Life category.  This is her first foray into horror and after reading her 3 story collection “Terrors from Beyond”, I knew I wanted to bring her work to the podcast. So that said, tonight you’ll hear “If I Should Die Before I Wake”.

Many thanks to both Daniel S. Liuzzi and The Author Yani for allowing us to share their work! You’ll be hearing more from Yani next month, which is Women in Horror month.  I’ll be bringing you frightening fare from some wickedly talented women (and men) featuring some very memorable female characters. Makes That Horrible Woman so happy I could shriek with joy!  There will be another episode out soon before WIH month on the show starts.  Check back soon, wouldn’t want you to miss any of the horrible fun to be had.

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Many thanks for listening darklings, until the next time,

sweet screams….Rhys