That Horrible Woman S1E6

It’s Women in Horror Month 8 and I’ll be sharing some of my favorite stories about women and written by female authors this month.  An ode to mystical mavens, fearsome females and wicked women all month long – oh the delicious horror of it all!

We begin with a story from Healwelt, “Head to Toe”; followed by a tale from Marla S, “The Mayor of Rat City”; next, Kim Mercury brings us “A Thankless Job”; and our final entry is by Dee Hill, “Rats”.

Celebrate WiHM here and everywhere you can. We are the artists, writers, filmmakers, workers, creators, makers, dreamers, doers.  We come in all shapes, sizes, shades and ages and we are everywhere. We adore horror and we love you, horror fans!

Thank you all so much for listening.  I appreciate your spending your time with me.




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