A Call to Writers – Got Horror?

Hello!  We’re fast approaching the end of Season 1 (more successful than we’d dreamed) and are putting out a call to all you frightful writers of horror and dark fiction (published and as yet to be published).  If interested in having your work featured in Season 2, we’d love to connect with you.  Please feel free to send an inquiry to: submissions@thathorriblewoman.com

Thanks so much! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


That Horrible Woman S1E11

Hello and welcome back! It’s been awhile and I’ve got some wonderful new stories to tell you tonight.  We will be venturing into the realm between reality and dreams and the frightful darkness that hides in plain sight. Because seeing is believing, whether in view or in thought.  There are four sojourns into the dark, bookended by tales of scarecrows.  Shall we begin?  Yes, let’s!

Starting off this evening’s stories is Philip W. Kleaver.  Philip lives with his cat in Baltimore, Maryland, where he works as an educator. He is a too-competitive player of gin rummy and an avid collector of horror and science fiction paperbacks (preferably the musty, yellowing kind). He lets his writing do the talking and I’m sure you’ll understand why in his story “Gallybagger”.

Our second story comes from Dedra L. Stevenson. Ms. Stevenson is an American author living in the United Arab Emirates. She’s written 8 books to this date, in a variety of genres. Her first 3 books are a trilogy called The Hakima’s Tle, about a young Arab American girl who learns that she must deend the human world against the impending attack of the Blue Jinni and his army who wish to destroy humanity and take over the planet. Her latest book is The Skinwalker: Resurrection, about a deceased Navajo witch that tries to return to the world of the living by taking the life of a young woman that finds her book of spells. Horror, in particular, is the most enjoyable to write because Ms. Stevenson reports one can say many things through a monster’s voice that can’t be said in her own and that is liberating.  Her lovely dark contribution tonight is titled “The Girl in the Desert”.

Kyla Ross is a horror, thriller, and dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan. She posts suspense and horror flash fiction on her blog biweekly at kyrobooks.com and is the author of a collection of gruesome suspenseful short stories titled A Trinity of Wicked Tales Volume One: Jilted Love. Her first erotic thriller novel, When We Swing, will be released in Summer 2017. Kyla brings us a disturbing tale called “Her”.

The final story of the evening is by J.A. Crook. He as been on the show before chilling our bones with a story set in Alaska. He is an American independent horror and literary fiction author from the Southwest. An exceptionally talented writer of modern Southern Gothic. This glimpse into the darkness is from his short story collection, Amid the Recesses, here is “Chasing Crows”.

Many thanks to our authors, Philip W. Kleaver, Dedra Stevenson, Kyla Ross and J.A. Crook for graciously sharing their art with all of us.  Much respect to you all!

Along with thanks to our authors, I’d like to thank you our fiendish listeners and friends.  I am grateful for you all and will continue bringing you the frightful and disturbing for your twisted listening pleasure.

Additional music in this episode is from FMA: Free Music Archive

Harsanyi Laszlo “Only the Crows Listen” CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Podington Bear “Floating in Space” CC BY-NC 3.0

Thank you for your company, it’s frightfully good to have friends like you! I’ll be back soon darklings.


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