That Horrible Woman S1E2

Welcome back to the next episode of That Horrible Woman!  The subject for this evening is transformation. It’s a constant around us and within us every moment of our existence. There are three tales on offer to you tonight.  First, a small story by Neil Jacob titled We Have to Run Again.

First, a small story of circumstance by Neil Jacob titled We Have to Run Again.

Our second story is from Dee Hill – The Salamander – if it’s too good to be true, as they say…

Tonight’s final story is from Healwelt and is called To Possess A Swan – a sad “duckling” is transformed as the story goes into one far darker than every imagined.

I hope you enjoy them all, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for listening, more tales to come.

Sweet screams.


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That Horrible Woman S1E1

Welcome fear mongers! This is the first episode of That Horrible Woman.

Tonight we will share 3 stories of vampires with you.

Awakenings by Dee Hill

The End of Duress by Benjamin Sweeney

A Fellow’s Grievance by Layden Robinson


Music in this episode: FMA Free Music CC by NC 3.0 – Dave Depper & Coldnoise

Sincere apologies for the delay

Life, it’s circumstances and a bit of death have kept me distracted, but the time is finally coming to get started  In the meantime, please check out my YouTube channel “That Horrible Woman” and some Terror Bites stories I’ve posted.  They will be included in the podcast but there will be stories that will not be on YouTube.  Thanks for your patience and here’s a link to get you started with a short story – The End of Duress:  Let me know what you think!