That Horrible Woman S1E9

Hello, all! This is the fourth and final episode celebrating Women in Horror Month. Even though the time has passed – we have entered Women in History Month, and horrible women (ahem!) make history that much more, scary.

Tonight we bring back the Author Yani for another story from her Tales from the Beyond collection. She’s an Amazon best-selling author of five 5-star novels.  Her “A Thug’s Redemption” series, landed her a well-deserved spot in the top 20 of African-American Fiction-Urban Life category. I’m very pleased to present this tale, titled “Revenge of the Necromancer”.  This urban horror story takes on the challenges of modern teens: bullying, feeling and being different, self-worth, the maturation process, and zombies.

Horrible hugs and many thanks to you Yani for such an awesome story!  I hope to see more of Lydia in the future.

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Many thanks for listening darklings, you are everything to me, so until the next time,

Monstrous love + sweet screams….Rhys


Coming at you soon

The time grows close and we will be launching That Horrible Woman podcast in the next couple of weeks.  There will be frightening and thought provoking stories from new and published authors for your listening pleasure and perhaps to haunt a dream or two.